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My boyfriend told me to stop acting like a flamingo. So I had to put my foot down.

Q: Why did the fault line start acting crazy? A: Because it was on crack.

Guy 2 whispering : oh i got tired of acting gay

Guy 1: i heard you, why are you acting gay ?

Guy 2: to attract gays and then give them an advice

Guy 1: so what’s your advice to me ?

Guy 2: that i just know you’re gay

LoL xD

Paddys beautiful wife has not had an orgasm for the 15 yrs they have been married . The doctor suggests that she may be overheating during sex and a cool breeze may help . Being a bit of a cheapo , he decides not to buy a fan , but asks his friend Mick to waft a towel over them during the act . After half an hour, still no sign of success so his mate suggests swapping places . ’ I’ll have a try Paddy , you waft the towel ' Paddy agrees , and after two or three minutes Paddys wife has a moment of sexual pleasure screaming in ecstasy for the first time in 15 years . Paddy taps his mate Mick on teh shoulder and says ‘And that, Mick, is how you waft a bloody towel’ !

What did Harry Houdini say when he did his famous vanishing act at a sushi place "Now sashimi now you don’t"

To start im a big fella in size.

I saw a skinny guy act like Santa so I went over to him. “You can’t pull that off” I said. He said “then you try it”. He gave me the Santa suit and I dressed up. He walked by and saw me with 45 kids in line to sit on my lap and tell me what they wanted for Christmas.

an acting role and playing sports have in common? If you break a leg, you get cast.

why do i call my dog a vibrator?beacause every time my dog acts like a dildo,i beat him, and when i beat him,he shakes.what do you call a shaking dildo?A vibrator,therefore i call my dog a vibrator.

I went into a CS:Go lobby and all I heard for ten minutes straight was," Act like your hard but your dad beat you harder."

why couldnt the clown walk after his infamous knife-juggling act because he was exhausted nigaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa