Word Jokes

Sexy toenail

Is butt cheeks one word or should I spread them apart

the big mom
in Cow

a mom cows last words were to the mom cows son they were you are then died the son though that he was adopted but then 3 years later the mom cow rose from the dead and said to her son that she was going to say you were adorable then she died once more then 2 years later she rose from the dead for the last time to say to her son and that's why we adopted you.

in Little Johnny

The teacher said made the kids guess what a random word was and it was honey. She also gave them a sample of honey to make it a little easier. Teacher said that it was something that you eat and what parents call each other. Little Johnny said, “I know what it is now! Spit them out now guys, their Buttholes!”

I will never forgot my grandfather‘s last words:

Can you hold the ladder correctly, damn it!


I remember my grandads last words. "Are you still holding the ladder."

in Last Word

i will never forget my little brothers last word rip.

his last words: paint dosent taste good

in Orphan

An orphan died. No one cared why? Who is supposed spread the word his parents.

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in Zebra

I still remember my granddads last words,

“Are you still holding the ladder?”

in Angel

Angel is a good word

Annoying sister. Kenya and Tenya.
in Funny

Lenda: Hey can you help me with my homework...please?! Genda: Okay and if I do you won't make a fuss about it! Lenda: I'll try! 3 mins later. Genda: THAT IS NOT THE RIGHT ANSWER! Lenda: Then what is 90 million. Genda: WHA WHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lenda mocking her: WHA OH YEAH YOU ARE A TERRIBLE TUTOR!!!!!!!! 4 mins later. Genda: What is the capitol of watchington? Lenda: Uh.....Idaho! Genda being sarcatic: Yes...it is not the capitol of watchington...BECAUSE IT A STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lenda: Oh you mean Iowa! Genda: UHHHHHHHHHHHH CUSS WORD!!!!!!!!!! Lenda: U can't help that I'm the smart one...okay sweetie now you go be dumb and I go be smart! LATER SISTER! Oh wait can you help me with my homework? Genda: NO! You the smart one so you do it!


When you think of the word simp, you think of a girl. Girl stands for ghosts in real life. Another word for simp is ding dong. Put them together and you get ghosts in real life with ding dongs.

Love to liv❤️

Gwen is a liar she said she is a Christian and then is saying bad bad bad bad words shame on you Qwen LIAR 🤥


So my kid every time I walk in the door he shuts his laptop so i check his history It was good but my wife checked mine and she didn't say the same the words I head was get out.

Mock muncher

Stephen hawkings last words were the windows closing sound

in Animal

your mama is so fat she only nows 3 words KFC


i hate you- if you look at the first letters of the words you'll know what i mean interfischl happy apple tea eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

in Roast

"You Must Be Why They INvented THe Word Ugly"


Knock knock.

Who's there?

Por que.

Por que who?

"That's all, folks," in the words of Por que Pig.