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Why do hackers in Africa have hard times dealing with firewalls? They don't have water.

You are recently injured because of your job as a driving instructor so you couldn't go on vacation with your friends. Your friends tell you that they have an Asian pilot. You realize, "They have a -1% survival rate."

I'm Asian and there is a saying that dogs are man's best friends. They are my best friends because they keep me from starving.

My local hacker contacted me and told me that he hacked my computer. I responded, “Show me proof.” He provided the username and password for my email account, bank account, video game accounts, and social media accounts. To be honest, that is the fastest “Forgot Password” procedure I’ve ever done.

A guy who just got robbed says "I've been hacked and the hacker ransomware."

To stop my password getting hacked, I changed it to something difficult to crack: StrongBrazilianNut111