Strip club

Strip Club Jokes

Hey Siri, where is my dad? Your dad is in a strip club in Las Vegas. HAH, jokes on you! My dad’s in the kitchen! Your mom’s husband is in the kitchen, your dad is in a strip club in Las Vegas. ...WhAT-

I told my mother i wanted a brother for Christmas The next day i saw her in the strip club across the street

Why doesnt the pirate go to the strip club? Because he has ALL of the booty? heehe

2 Asians walked into a strip club and they went to a cashier, they put in their names her name was he gay and his name was shi A ho

A dad and son walks into a strip club the people in the strip club said he was to young to be in hear so they had to leave 10 years later they went back there. They saw a small dancer the father walked over there and said the woman looked to small to be in hear her reply was...?

I will give you all the fine chicks you want just dial this number 313-974- tap that ass from hooters strip club.

little johnny fucked a girl ran away fucked another ran went to the strip club got a private dance he has sex with them fucking ran yelled to some random bitch ass guy fuck him hes a bitch he bends down they have sex on the street they go home have sex little johnny wakes up questions himself fucking does it again he goes to the strip club fucks some more people when he is drunk questions himself some more then tries phone sex but his dick is to small