Weird Jokes

Birthdays are weird. We celebrate being one year closer to dying. And we celebrate it with friends and family, which is totally not how we'll die.

We're all gonna die alone, not surrounded by friends and family.

Man: whats up? Me: im annoyed Man: Why? Me: I stole my gf's heart Man: So why are you annoyed? Me: Everyone else in the surgery room gave me weird looks


Hey guys Billy has this weird disability where when he has sex with someone he says there name really loud. Billy-Hey guys I just got back from my DADS!! Wait what Billy??


Blossom: why are we dating the rowdy ruffs when were technically siblings? Bubbles:... Buttercup: idk but those people over there r lookin at us weird Alabama: 😈

You know what, I'm done. We are banning "your mom" jokes. They're old, weird, and have been done thousands of times. Just like your mom.

It may be weird to let people smell your hair, but grab the phone as soon as the dwarf says your hair smells nice.

Think of your favorite singer. Now. Go ask someone what is your favorite singer. My favorite singer is Halsey, BTS, . Now think about your least fave mine is oil London😵 this is my home now 1. What rhymes with oil put it in da chat. Bye weird people

One day my pet bark at me and so I got scared anWas my dad actually it was weird you should’ve saw him and so the goes on in the day because he likes to run around The house that he likes to do it out 😂😂😂😂😱

Charizarding When you light a girls pubes on fire, put it out with your jizz then flap your arms and say "You don't have have enough badges to train me"

Daughter: I know this is weird but I feel like that someone is watching me when I am sleeping.

Father: Sorry