Prankster. Kenya bailey!

Prankster is Backster…DANG IT: Hey guys, prank for today is when I lied about feeling sick so I won’t have to go to school. Introduction: This prank was commentited a week ago! Around 5:00 a.m. in the morning! 1. I got out some eggs, milk, salt, and a little bit of mashed olives…will those are main ingreidents. 2. I mixed it all up for about 2 mins just make it look really like barf…no going to school today! 3. I put it under the sofa just give it some solid scence to it. 4. I fix my breakfast eggs and becon. Then when my mom comes down I…PULL OUT MY FAKE BARF!!! News flash make a fake excuse for her to leave! My excuse is "I need some thing its in my room I don’t want to get cause it would wast time" She fell for it. Then I pull out my FAKE barf which looks like real barf. Then you say or I said "Mom I don’t feel so good’’! News flash: Don’t over sell it think about all that boring school work! and guess what she fell for it so I spend all day doing nothing…aboulty nothing! Will thats the prankster anymore pranks you want ask me in the comment section! Byeeeeeeeeeee



A guy goes in to get some tests done, the doctor comes out and says “I got good news and bad news.” The guy says “Ok, let’s get the bad news out of the way.” The doctor says “The tests cam back positive, you got 2 weeks to live.” The guy says, “Oh My God!! Then what the hell is the good news?” Doctor says “You see that nurse over there, the one with the big tits? I’m screwin her.”



My Wife Slept With Another Man And Got Pregnant, She Told Me 9 Weeks Later, I Said It’s Ok And Told Her Let’s Talk Downstairs, So I Pushed Her Down The Stairs



There were two two twin brothers Lucas and Marcus. Marcus got a girl friend while Lucas stayed single. A few weeks later Lucas was caught kissing Marcus’s girlfriend and Marcus comes over and says: “Babe I know we’re twins but I’m Marcus and that’s Lucas you were kissing.” and his girlfriend looks at him and says: “I know.”



Last week was my BLIND friend’s birthday. I thought I would give him something really good that he may need. As I walk into his house and give him a cheese grader for a birthday present he sets it next to him. As weeks past he comes up to me. He said " That present that you gave me for my birthday was the most intense book I has ever read"


Allan C.

I really like those ‘driverless cars’. I saw loads of them last week, in the car park.



I’m still wearing the smile you gave me last week :)


Nutty jokes

The popular girl told me "I bet your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory!" Two weeks later, She shows up pregnant.

… I guess her rubber broke too



Hi guys, so today I am going to do another blog. It’s just for fun, and yeah. Enjoy! So, this morning, when I woke up, I heard that I was getting new grips, I was so excited. (Incase you guys don’t know what grips are, they are sort of like gloves that go on your hands and they are for gymnastics bars.) I was excited because my old grips don’t fit me anymore and my coach was like “Oh I can get you some new ones since we have a meet in a week.” And so I was like “Oh that’s fine. My parents ordered me some. Thank you though.” And she was like “Okay that’s fine. Just make sure you have them by next week” So long story short, I have new grips now.



I ought to complain to Spotify for you not being named this week’s hottest single.



Why can’t you have a tall dog… You will have pup’s in a week

Little Johnny


Little Johnny is in class one day and little Timmy starts laughing. The teacher says what’s so funny? He said I can see your bra strap. The teacher says don’t come back to class for a week, so he get up and walked out. A few minutes later little Billy starts laughing, and she ask what’s funny now? Little Billy said I can see both of your bra straps. The teacher says get out of my class room for a month. So little Billy got pissed he walked out and slammed the door, this scared the teacher and she dropped the chalk. She picked it up then she stood back up and she sees little Johnny walking out of the classroom. She asked where do you think your going? He said well teach after what I saw I’m done with school for a lifetime.


John T

A man walks into an AA meeting and ask for a roadmap.



Hi my name is unknown guy! Please join my group for the picture I show you, we will do this every week! Thanks leave a comment or sign in using the sign in sheet that I have in google forms or own the website. Hint: Pictures of woman. btw for men only!



yall catch me up wuts going on on this website bcuz i havnt been on fr like 2 weeks



after a week of this she can’t stand it any longer. the woman goes into her supervisor’s office and tells him that she wants to file a sexual harassment suit against the man and explains why?


Joe Biden’s speeches are so motivational. In fact, I have been stuck at home these past few weeks, and his well articulated words were enough for me to muster up the courage to jump off of a 10 story building.



Wash It Away- By- Bradley Lewis(watersharky) and Ben Lewis and Watersharky Music Productions-Why does it always feel like I’m The one that’s had a bad day? Whether I’m stuck in traffic or Showing up to work late Oh this 9 to 5 feels like 9 to Forever been working all week For a jerk that thinks they can Say whatever they want to me I’ll just bite my tongue for a Couple more days Soon I’ll be in that island sun Surfing those waves I need the beach I love the ocean Put my feet in the sand Watch the earth in motion Ya had a bad week ya had a bad Day Take it to the shoreside and wash It away Oh yeah You gotta wash it away Finally I’m here and I cant even Stop myself from smiling Somebody hand me a beer and I’ll check the girls on the island Don’t miss my 9 to 5 Living like a local on this island time I got those sandy toes and Nobody knows jump in the Ocean and just go with the flow I’ll miss my sandy toes I’ve got to go back before you Know this island is my home I need the beach I love the ocean Put my feet in the sand Watch the earth in motion Ya had a bad week ya had a bad Day Take it to the shoreside and wash It away Oh yeah You gotta wash it away Wash it away I need the beach I love the ocean Put my feet in the sand Watch the earth in motion Ya had a bad week ya had a bad Day Take it to the shoreside and wash It away Oh yeah You gotta Wash it away Wash it away