Toilet Jokes

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What did the bottle of conditioner do on the toilet?


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Q. why did the toilet paper cross the road A. it did not want to get stuck in a crack

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Yo mama is so skinny she uses floss as toilet paper


Who do you ask to wipe you? Your Butler


Why did the toilet paper cross the road

To get to the Bottom

Weird and Weird.
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What is the weirdest thing to wear and what is weirdest thing to say. Weirdest thing to ware: Socks with sandals, also with flip flops! Weirdest thing to say: “Would you rather be a bath or a toilet?” “The blue angel sea slug looks like an alien.” (weird). Bonus: Things to ware with other things: Crop top with t-shirt(really hip), Crop top with tights or shorts, dresses with tights! (Cool) Oh well byeeeeeee!

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What did the store manager say when they ran out of toilet paper? … We’re wiped out!


What happens when you have a bladder infection? Urine trouble!

Fred Lincoln
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Why does the Queen play poker on the toilet?

Because she always gets a Royal flush

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My hemorrhoids are so bad, I’ve had toilet bowls that looked like abortions.

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How is toilet paper recycled?

Easier than you would think, but first they have to process the crap out of it.


When it comes to recycling toilet paper you really need to process the crap out of it.

Elle Poirier
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I see how it is y’all be buying toilet paper stocking up from the Coronavirus but where on the symptoms does it say diarrhea lol why y’all be buying toilet paper now I am just confused

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Jim walks into a bar and asks for a shot of vodka. He then says to the barkeep, “Who’s the toughest guy in here?” The barkeep points to a man at the pool table. Jim then knocked him out and paid for the shot and left. He did this every Friday for 2 months. Finally, the barkeep is pissed because Jim keeps knocking out all of his customers. He then orders a gorilla and puts him in the bathroom. Jim walks into the bar and gets another shot of vodka. He asks again, “Who’s the toughest guy in here tonight?” The bartender points to the bathroom and says he’s in there. Jim walks into the bathroom and everyone in the bar can hear yelling and screaming. The bartender asks, “What happened in there?” Jim smiles and says, “I don’t know who that was, but when he wakes up tell him I put his fur jacket int the toilet.”


Why did the toilet paper get to the bottom oj the hill? Because he went down the drain! -its a bad joke lmao


a dad asked his son what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he replied… hows about a urinal cake?!!

Jaxon Edghill

The pirate looked down the toilet and what did he see The captains log

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Why did the toilet paper cross the road? To wipe the chickens ass!