Towel Jokes

So, some thieves robbed me the other day. They took everything I owned, except for the soap, towels, and deodorant. Dirty bastards.


So, I heard Bounty, the maker of paper towels, has decided to get into the Male Enhancement business...

..their new slogan?

The Quicker Pecker Upper.

Wife:hi babe Husband:Hey Wife:Do u wanna Husband:YES Wife:Ok make sure you have a towel to go to the beach Husband:WHAT you mean go to the beach Wife:yes what did u think i ment Husband:oh nothing bye Wife:Bye see u there

I was talking to a close friend that was Islamic.

He said he was being shipped to an amazing training.

I asked "where are you going"

He said "Camp Bin Laden"

I asked "what do they do there"

He answered "they got bomb training and hand to hand combat training. Plus the got arts and crafts."

I asked "what do you mean by arts and crafts?"

He said "see this towel on my head" I nodded "I made it out of boxer jokes"

Hey amazing people! The Prankster is back! This prank was on my sister and her friends. (tbh I did not think she had friends.) 1. I set out some snacks for them! Btw (I can't be trusted). 2. I gatherd some slapies. 3. The things I gatherd where Tomatos, onions, milk, carrots, ice cream, and some dried out green beans! all that stuff! To the 4.

4. I need the tomatos to make a sauce because I am going to put that with the ice cream, mix that up with the milk, yea yea it might look like a gross and nasty dish...WRONG!!!! I am going to make it into a little snack...anyway we make that into a snack for her and her friends. The onions are used to make their eye's cry and burn but I will give them a towl after that. The dried out green beens are just to make them go over the top and overreact because I did not cook them. After that we make it like its not so iky! 5. I feed it to them! They overreacted! Please leave a comment. Byee!

Why did you put yo dirty ass feet in my grits without telling me all This? Because I forget to wash and dry them with paper towel.

Paddys beautiful wife has not had an orgasm for the 15 yrs they have been married . The doctor suggests that she may be overheating during sex and a cool breeze may help . Being a bit of a cheapo , he decides not to buy a fan , but asks his friend Mick to waft a towel over them during the act . After half an hour, still no sign of success so his mate suggests swapping places . ' I'll have a try Paddy , you waft the towel ' Paddy agrees , and after two or three minutes Paddys wife has a moment of sexual pleasure screaming in ecstasy for the first time in 15 years . Paddy taps his mate Mick on teh shoulder and says 'And that, Mick, is how you waft a bloody towel' !