Log Jokes

in Puns

I was going to log a pun about trees, but you wooden understand it.

in Puns

How do trees get online? – They just log in.


What was Steven Hawking’s last words?

The windows xp log out sound

in God

[god creating alligators] God: see that log? Angel:yes…? God: now fill it with teeth. Angel: say again? God: FILL IT WITH TEETH

in Dream

I slept like a log last night…woke up in the fireplace


what did steven hawking say when he died

I’m logging out

in Puns

How do trees calculate square roots. They use log-arithms.


What’s the difference between paul walker’s car and a petite white girl. There is no difference They both got split open by a huge log.

in Tree

How does a tree access the internet? By logging in and branching out!


Why did the cowboy put his bunk in the fireplace?

Cuz he wanted to sleep like a log!

in Yo mama

Yo mama so dumb that when she saw the “log in” page on her computer she went and put a log in it.


How did Steven hawking die? He forgot his log on password

in Star Trek

What did Spock encounter in the Enterprise toilet? – The Captain’s Log.


How does Steven hawking take a shit he logs out


how does steven hawking go to the toilet? he logs out

USSR Soldier
in Star Trek

Spock went to the enterprises toilet and he knocked on it “Kirk are you in there?” Spiked asked, Kirk answered “hold on i am making a captains log”


why did stephen hawking die ? he couldnt log in


what happens when steaven hawkins wakes up from his sleep?

‘log in’

Jaxon Edghill

The pirate looked down the toilet and what did he see The captains log

Misstiano Penaldo
in Penaldo

I left Twitter for a while and when I tried to log back in I found out I was suspended. I realized it was a penalty for saying some prohibited words on Twitter. Sadly my idol Pristiano Penaldo took the penalty for me and he missed, and now I’m on my alt, shame on you Penaldo!