we hired this boy to pick up dog poop we just remembered that we don’t have a dog

why did the toilet paper not make it across the street?cause it got stuck in a pot hole:)

KFC doesn’t use toilet paper because it is finger lickin good

What does the starship Enterprise & toilet paper have in common?

Answer: they both circle Ur-Anus looking for Kling-Ons!

How come the toilet paper could not make it across the road?

Because of the Corona Virus

today my toilet paper ran across the road but it got stuck in the crack

why did the toilet paper cross the road?

to get to the rear end

What does one piece of toilet paper say to the other?

“I’M WIPED!!!”

Why can’t the toilet paper be cheeky? It’s between cheeks at the moment.

Did you know toilets while your at work they eat your toilet paper

What did the poop said to the toilet paper? “You’re in the roll!”

Why did the toilet paper cross the road? To wipe the chickens ass!

Ran out of toilet paper so had to start using lettuce leaves…today was the tip of the iceberg

I did not

What time is it when you eeee

No more toilet paper Jokes please

why did not the toilet paper make it across the road to excape the corano virise

I ain’t shaking any ones hand, not because of the Coronavirus… I ain’t shaking any ones hand because y’all out of toilet paper!

Why are people mass buying toilet paper because of the corona virus? When someone sneezes every one shits they’re pants

Toothbrush says I have the worst job ever. Toilet paper says you think your job shity.