Why cant a orphan go to mcdonalds theres no point in the words happy meal

‘There is no God.’

  • Stephen Hawking (2011)

‘There is no Stephen Hawking’

  • God (2018)

Why can’t you tell a joke in a corn maze

because theres too many ears

My dad told me i’m a failure… I failed a math’s test. Good thing theres a pole outside my house.

So theres a orphan in a hospital and the doctor walks up and says “sorry kid but this is a family hospital”

Whats the worst part of a down syndrom relationship? Theres more downs then ups!

How do you get 100 dead babies into a tub? Put them in the blender. How do you get them out of the tub? Give mexicans tortilla chips and tell them theres salsa in the tub.

What did my dad say before he went to go get milk? Theres money in my wallet for pizza I love you.

No no no no Spot the intruder

Theres no one

Theres a new cooking programme on bbc1 . The contestants are victims of domestic violence. Its called cant cook … right hook

Theres something special about cemeteries People are dying to get inside

Whats the best thing about fucking twenty eight year olds?

  • theres twenty of them

Whats the best thing about twenty one year olds? Theres twenty one of them.

Whats the difference between a vegetable and a man with no arms and no legs…theres none.

Knock knock. ẅhos there¨ you… You who. you smell like shit

Theres a old lady doing gardning every year nothing grows she goes the the man who lives next door she sez how do you get your tomartoes so big an red he tells her you show them your privates at night time so she leaves that night latter she goes out side an shows the garden her privates the next shes got Zucchinis a meter long !

Whats the best thing about fucking twenty six year olds? Theres twenty of them.

Knock knock. ¨whos there¨ P,u! ¨p,u who¨ p,u you smell like shit

Did you know a vegetable can also be a fruit?

theres no joke

also there are only 2 genders, male and female

hhgregg anyone?