Why is the sun famous? Because it’s a shining star

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why is the sun so attractive? because it is burning hot!

Look at the bright side ☀️😁! The worst 😔 is behind us.

Why doesn’t the sun ☀️ go to college?

Because it has a million degrees.

Chuck Norris lit a campfire and humans saw the sun for the first time.

A : Whats the similarity between your girlfriend and the Sun?

B : They’re both hot?

A : They’re both massive.

When you look at the sun, its like looking at me

Chuck Norris docent get sun burns the sun knows better

Little Jimmy has 5 red apples. His dad’s car will arrive in 20 minutes. Calculate the mass of the Sun

y does everybody like the sun-cause its hot

WHY IS THE MOON RED TODAY?The reason why the Moon takes on a reddish color during totality is a phenomenon called Rayleigh scattering. It is the same mechanism responsible for causing colorful sunrises and sunsets, and for the sky to look blue.

whats the suns favourite chocolate? marsbar

the sun is already bright stupid

God creates a mosquito :) God: Okay, so make it reeeeally tiny. Like less than half a fly. Angel: okay… a bug. God: now give it’s face a sword, but it has a hole so it’s basically a mouth. Angel: weird… but okay… God: and give it wings. Angel: eh, not half bad Go- God: NOW MAKE IT EAT THE BLOOD OF ALL LIVING ANIMALS AND HUMANS Angel: shook o-okay God: okay. Now make sure whenever a human is bit it feels the pain of a million suns burning it, making it scratch until it bleeds out. Angel: .-. God: and make sure it also transfers diseases through the species. Give ‘em a taste ‘o that! evil grin Angel: cries Angel: whispers; I’m so sorry…

timmy has 5 apples,

his train is 7 minutes early

calculate the mass of the sun

Wow that is so sunny

Who’s the hottest girl in the world? Babe Ruth cuz she catches the sun

why did the sun go to church Because it needs jeuse


Why does the Sun go to school? To get brighter!