Why didnt the sun get a job, seriously I have no idea why help me

what did the egg who was sun bathing say to the other egg? Don’t look at my crack!

Why does the Sun go to school? To get brighter!

Sun: Hi, I am the sun! I want to warm you up… Human: :D Sun: I want to BuRn you… Human: … Sun: I want to… KILL… you… Human: I should be going now Sun: LET ME KILL YOU Human: Screams his last sound

What is yellow ? The sun ☀️

A red head, a dark haired, and blonde walk into a bar and agree to fly to the sun! The blonde states " I agree let’s leave at night "!

You look tall for being a yellow dwarf you are 432,450 miles tall!!!

How to learn your Vitamins. A = Art. B = Bouncy Balls. C = Cookies. D = Da Sun. You’ll be smarter than a doctor next time you visit!

WHY IS THE SUN RED TODAY?Turned Red Today. Here’s Why. As an enormous Atlantic storm batters Ireland, a related phenomenon is turning heads further east over in the United Kingdom. … Just like the way sunsets are sometimes red, excess particles in the atmosphere can change the color of the sun in the daytime.

God creates a wasp :) God: Okay, so make it reeeeally tiny. Like less than half a fly. Angel: okay… a bug. God: now give it’s face a sword, but it has a hole so it’s basically a mouth. Angel: weird… but okay… God: and give it wings. Angel: eh, not half bad Go- God: NOW MAKE IT EAT THE BLOOD OF ALL LIVING ANIMALS AND HUMANS Angel: shook o-okay God: okay. Now make sure whenever a human is bit it feels the pain of a million suns burning it, making it scratch until it bleeds out. Angel: .-. God: and make sure it also transfers diseases through the species. Give ‘em a taste ‘o that! evil grin Angel: cries Angel: whispers; I’m so sorry…

Why was the sun afraid of the ocean?

Cause 7 8 9

Why does the Sun go to school?

You look tall for being 432,450 miles tall!!!

What is the difference between the snow ❄️ and sun 🌞? Snow is slippery and the other kid 🧒 of weather is not slippery

Two pedophiles are on a beach

One says to the other “Move over, you’re in my sun”