What are mexicans favorite sport?

Whenever you think back to 9/11 and realize there 12 hours in front of us, why the f*ck didnt they warn us.

So there are these 3 strings, they walk into a bar. People are giving them looks. The small chap is your typical thin cord. He walks to the barman and asks for a rum and coke. He replies, “Oii, your kind ain’t welcomed here so take your drink, mates and fuck off.” He goes back to his mates and says, “We’d better get outta here.” “Nonsense.” replies the mid guy, he’s your typical string. Goes to the barman and same story. Finally the last guy, He’s your typical rope. He burst out, “Fuck this!”. He twits and ties himself whilst messing up his hair. He struts up to the barman and asks for a rum and coke. The barman does so and whilst he prepares the drink he opens with, “Say aren’t you a string?” “No, I’m a frayed knot.”

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side Knock Knock who’s there? The chicken

What do u call a girl that runs faster than her brothers?.. A redneck virgen!!!

What’s the difference between leafmen and leafwomen? Palm trees.

Why did the boy shoot the clock

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he was stapled to the punk rocker.

Asian without As is just sin.

Wanna hear a joke ? You

Knock, knock Who’s there? Nobody Nobody who? … (HAHAHAHAHAHA)

i love your mom and dad’s joke! they made it together and called it your name

What’s Whitney Houston’s favourite type of coordination?


Someone said to me they like greasy food with gravy I said no wonder your foreheads so greasy

your mama so fat that all restaurants say maximum weight 240KG or your mum

want to hear a joke? i swear it isn’t about my life again-

my mom and dad made a joke together and called it ‘yeetsu’ (me)

Q: Knock Knock ? Who’s there? A: boo A: boo who


Once a pon a time lived a fat ass named steve and got rabies and died the end!