Sans: why did the skeleton go to the party? Papyrus: Why? S: cause he was too fat and ugly P:AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA LOLOL,OLOLOL

I looked in the mirror

Me:hey I’m your mom orphan:yay you came back me:sike

Have you heard about the movie constipation?

No,Because It never came out…

Why can’t the T-Rex cross the road

cuz hes extinct

Sheshpal choudhary Bjnor up 6395832240

On a scale of 8 to 10 - how good do i look ?

How did the other 18 COVIDs go unnoticed?

I can’t wait to have 2020 in my hindsight.

9 months before I was born ,

I went to a party with my dad and left with my mom.

When she saw her first strands of grey hair she thought she’d dye.

So, she went to see the
"You Should Be Shot" - Photography Studio

My friend wasn’t open to the idea of me becoming a nudist.

I told him to stop being so clothes minded

I used to know a guy from a nudist colony

Man, I tell you, nothing looked good on him!

I think the local nudist campground just went out of business.

The sign on their gate says: “Clothed Until Further Notice.”

Note to self.

When baking for the holidays don’t Google creampies.

Google cream pie recipes.


The sense or feeling you have dealt with this crap in the past.

Whoever put an s in the word lisp was a jackass

What is an orphan’s favorite event


How do you kill time

Easy taking alarm clock and an assault rifle