Sally has no arms. She fell off the swing. Why? someone threw a fridge at her. AAHAHAAAHHAHAH

Why did sally get a black eye?

  • She tried to play patty cake

why did sally fall off the swings? she had no arms knock knock whos there? not sally

why did Sally decide to fly to school?

She couldn’t drive.

What did sally get for her birthday? A football! Only joking she hasn’t opened the box yet.

Knock knock? who’s there? Not sally she doesn’t have and arms Why did sally fall off the swing? She doesn’t have any arms Why did sally drop her ice cream? She got hit by a bus

Why did Sally drop her ice cream? Because she got hit by a bus. Knock knock. Who’s there? Not Sally

Why did Little Sally get hurt while playing soccer A: she fell into a minefield

why does sally hate herself, cause Sophie stole her boy

Why did Sally get a black eye? Because she decided to play football.

Sally fell off the swing. Sally has no arms. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Not Sally.

There were 500 bricks on a plane. One fell off. Little Sally was crossing a river full of crocodiles. How did she survive the river, she had a gun. When she got out of the river she died. Why? Because a brick fell on her head.

Why did Sally fall off the swings? Because she had no arms. Knock knock Who’s there? Not Sally!

Sally fell off the swing. How did she fall off?

She had no arms.

Knock knock

Who’s there?

Not sally

Why couldn’t sally open the fridge

Because she had no arms

This is Sally😉 Sally says hi 👐 This is Sally when a car comes by 🤕

why did sally not save the mountain climber because it was here dad

Why did Sally drown in the pool?she didnt have any arms remember!

There was a woman named sally. She loved to have sex with other people. One time, she had sex with me. I noticed she her bra size was 69 (+69). That is fucking big! Ok, then when her partner was pissing, he told her she should call the doctor. So she dialed 2063512000 (+2000) and called the doctor. The office was on 51st street ave NE (+51). Holy shit, the doctor said! The boots were so big that she had to take 8 pills (x 8). The next morning, she was ________.

69 + 51 + 2000 x 8 = 55378008 (flip calculator)


Why did sallys pizza get cold, because she has no arms.