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Jack and Jill went up the hill, they turned to drunks and have no will, Jill said to Jack your love reveal, then think of building me a still.

what the different between a mother and a pigeon on does not eat there husband out.

guess what chicken butt knock knock whos there anal


i needed a test on if i’m pregnat then the doc said take your pants down then he put his penis in my vagina and said now you are pregnat

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My penis is on fire

how do make an adult cry? stab him 10000 times until the floors are red with human blood.

Q: why did billy drop his ice cream cone A: he as turrets

whats yellow all over and can’t swim

a school busful of children

What is one of the worst but funniest incidents ever ; a bullet in a baby in a baggy in a barrel in a bus in a nuclear plant were all of the employee’s are molesters😊

What is Alan Turing’s reincarnation doing? Getting revenge for what some people said about him being gay.

Girl:Can we visit Grandma this weekend Mother: Sure five year old: Look mommy! Two People and they’re wearing rope necklaces!

murder murder suicide by police

What Do You Call A Three Humped Camel? Pregnant

There r 30 cows in a field, 28 chickens, How many didn’t?

A - 10

Why did the boy kill his girlfriend? Because he had a crush on her.