What was stephen hawkings favourite toy as a kid ? Hot wheels

What do you call Stephen hawkings on fire?HOT WHEELS WELL SEE HIM SOON

I like my women how i like my coffee……… HOT

Friend: you know how I like my women like my coffee…. Hot Me: what If you don’t like coffee:(

There are two muffins baking in the oven. One muffin says to the other, “Phew, is it getting hot in here or is it just me?” The other muffin says, “AAAAHHH!! A TALKING MUFFIN!”

Red hot 🥵

Homie: let’s meet ♥️

Skrr: it’s 🔥🌭

Meaning- it’s hot[🔥] dawg[🌭]

What do royals and hot dogs have in common?

They’re usually in bread

Hot water look a**

I am really hot but I hate water what am I

Q. What do you get if you put hot water down a rabbit hole?

A. Hot cross bunnies!!!

I like my women how I like my cigarettes. Smokin’ hot, and with a little saliva on the butt.

Why did the guy get the hose

Because the girl was smoking hot


Sans: What is todoroki’s favourite coffee creamer Half n’ Half hehe

Papyrus: Sans! He’s not even part of our fandom!!!

Sans: bro don’t get so HOT headed about it Just CHILL

sorry not sorry -sans

Once there were 2 cupcakes in the furnace the one cupcake said its kinda hot in here the other one said hah a talking cupcake

what do you call Stephen hawkings on fire? [answer] hot wheeles

🌍:You’re so hot!
🌎:How are you single? ☀️:I burn anyone who gets too close!

What is your summer name? Hot 🥵

One time in the butt. Two times, in the butt. Three times in the butt makes a slut hot and wet