Emo Jokes

Mrs light chocolate

How many emos does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None they just sit in the dark and cry.

School Shooter Memes

When the school shooter walks by the emo kid and doesn’t feel his gun anymore.

Emo bar code scanner

Why was the emo kid sad? Because his bar code expired

in Depression

I'm made with depression and extra anxiety, then a side of gay and a sprinkle of emo.

fake depression for friends

the emo kid ran away after his parents asked why they took the barcode sticker off the oreos

in Depression

Do you know why i wish grass was emo, so it can cut itself.


i wish my grass was emo then it would cut itself

in Dark Humor

What happened when the emo kid tried to high 5 a tree?

It left him hanging

that emo

what do you call a depressed emo ,dead


a leaf and a emo fall from a tree who its the ground first...

the leaf the rope stopped the emo


I can’t hang out with a emo when they are sad? Why? Because it cuts deeply

in Self Harm

what do you call an emo that likes pizza? a pizza cutter

What do emo s and the twin towers have in common there were 2 but now there are none




Like if you love food!!

in Depression

why do emos like yo-yo's? cos they get strangled by the string

Anonymous anananananan

how many emo kids does it take to screw in a bulb?

none, because they all cry in the dark


I wish my dad was home I haven’t seen him since the shot of 2008


What's the last thing emos feel before they die? Rope burn.


what game does an emo love

hang man