Why do feminists eat so much pussy? to get the taste of dick out of their mouths does it cycle now you stupid bitches

Stephen Hawkins and his wife Siri’s favourite place to eat is meals on wheels😂

What is the difference between eating a baby and a doughnut

Babies are healthier

A fly is 6 inches above water and a fish sees it and it leaps out and gets the fly then a bear garbs the fish and eats it, then a hunter shot the bear and a mouse saw some crackers and then leaped on the cracker and ate it then a cat runs down to get the mouse trips and falls into the water and that’s the story of how six inches can get a pussy wet.

What does Jonathan Davis eat for breakfast?

Korn Flakes.

How do you eat a meat?

  • you steak it in your mouth

What do you call a guy with a big dick that likes to eat fish?

Long John Silvers or Captain D

What’s the worst part about eating vegetables? Putting them back in the wheelchair.

how do u properly eat a vegetable you tip over the wheel chair

What’s the worst thing about eating a vegetable? The wheelchair.

A father and son duo are sitting at a table, eating breakfast. The father looks at the child and says “I’m hungry” The child looks at the father and replies “Hi hungry, I’m son” the father calls his father and asks why he was named Hungry.

Yo mama so fat that Hannibal Lector couldn’t eat her up

What does a Tusken Raider eat after his meal? Some Desert!

why does my mum eat carrots?

what is the best part about eating cake? your mom.


What is the best Christmas present ever? A broken drum! You just can’t beat it! What do you call an angry reindeer? RUDE-olph! What is Santa’s favourite breakfast? SnowFLAKES! What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? Tinsel-itis!

What do penguins 🐧 eat for lunch?

Freeze burgers.

What do squirrels eat? Nuts 🥜

What’s The Difference Between Boogers And Broccoli? Kids Won’t Eat The Broccoli.