I sat down to eat some ice cream. The next moment Icecreamed

what is the difference between a small child and a watermelon? one i eat on the daily and the other is a watermelon

How are babies and watermelons similar?

They are both fun to smash open with a sledgehammer and eat the insides

my name is Caleb and I like boo and eat it

When my friend eats a mint, I say hey is it mint to be sweet?

What do you get when you are hungry? A dog to eat

how bout that aierplane food? i eat it when im high

What did the duck eat for lunch?

Soup and quackers.🦆🍲😋😂

What did the snowman ⛄️ eat after dinner?

Ice cream 🍨.

What happens when you eat salmon with nutella?

You get salmonella

What do u call a dinosaur that can’t eat


Are u from tEnESeEE cuz I eAt AsES

what cearial do i eat captain bolts

It turns out a major new study recently found that humans eat more bananas than monkeys. It’s true. I can’t remember the last time I ate a monkey.

how to goldfish know when to eat? they don’t they have a memory span of 3 seconds

I learned that humans eat more bananas than monkeys… Huh, I don’t recall ever eating a monkey?!

Jason Kenney has never worried about putting food on the table for his kids. Knuckle babies don’t eat.

What is the difference between babies and dogs?

I don’t eat dog parts

Vegans:Save the Earth Normal People:Were trying to but you guys keep eating it

Why doesn’t a teddy bear eat? Because it is already stuffed