Dwarf Jokes


You may not like me but you still look up to me


Did you hear about the dwarf that had his wallet stolen. Just how low can you get.

booty hole

bro you cant talk you look the dwarf from snow white and the seven dwarfs


I use to look up to my mom but I am 12 I now I look down

This Dwarf was being mean to me so I said “when you get home I hope Snow White kicks the shit out of you.”

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What do you call a dwarf skating on ice?

A midget spinner.

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Whats the difference between a dwarf and a japenese man?

I dont know, you tell me.


What is the difference between a dwarf and a midget?

Very little.

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kid: why is Pluto a dwarf planet? kid 2: Why? kid: cause its as short as your dick


My friend”hey i see dwarf me” where friend” in front of me

Frickn hell im such a fat ass -_-

why do dwarfs hate Fast food Restaurants? Cause most of them have Medium and large

Guy Bro

Saw a dwarf and said “He costs 2 elixir”

He called the cops


how is the weather down there?


Why don’t dwarfs have cars?: Because they can’t get in the door

That guy
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Yo mama so fat she fat she makes the sun look like a dwarf star

im about to tell a dwarf joke, see how short that was.


my sister wani is a dwarf so i seat on her as a chair


The dirtiest football player in my school was the smallest. He was just trying to find out who was tickling his balls.


Why do dwarfs work at tesco?

Because every little helps