What’s the difference between stephan hawking and a walkie talkie. He can’t walkie or talkie

Me: My gf broke up with me yesterday and I had her wheel chair

Me: guess who came crawling right back

What do you call a horse rider with down syndrome?

Down Quijote

A girl named Sally has no arms. "KNOCK KNOCK" She never answered…

I used to get pushed and called lazy in school

Man, I loved that wheelchair

What shampoo does stephen hawkings use? Head & Shoulders

that moment when the disabled kid has to take the pacertest

what’s the hardest thing to eat on a vegetable? the wheelchair

Hahahaahhahahahah my joje

Armless child: can you give me hand??

Me: ok

what do you call stephen hawking’s toes on fire. Hot wheels

Knock knock Who’s there ? Anita Anita who ? Anita poo let me in

whats bald and cant grow no hair

A kid with cancer

Q. What did the deaf, dumb and blind kid get for Christmas?

A. Lukemia

Why did Steven hawking go to hell Why did Steven hawking go to hell Because there is a stairway to heaven

Because there’s a stairway to heaven

You know what’s impossible ??

Steven walking

Steven halking

I have a brother and he told me this quote no wonder they had a second child they messed up on the first one“ he’s the second child… I’m the first…

Ur mum gay

disabled people can help wold to get printed copy of " LEANING TOWER OF PISA "

exactly leaned at an angle