Why did the clock out the library?

It tocked to much

I would tell a clock joke, but I don’t have time

A man walked into a shop and asked the shop keeper for a potato-clock. The shop keeper said, 'I dont know what a potato clock is’ The man said, 'me neither but im starting a new job and my boss told me work starts at 9 so id have to get a potato clock

How do you kill time

Easy taking alarm clock and an assault rifle

Why did the boy 👦 throw the clock 🕒 out the window?

He wanted to see time fly.

if its on the clock,its old enough for the cock

Why did the boy shoot the clock? he wanted to kill time.

Once I went to a museum and over heard someone speaking to an employee for information.

“These are lying clocks, they tell how many lies a person tells.”

“oh cool”

“this is mother Teresa’s clock, the clock hasn’t moved because she never lied.”

“Makes sense”

“This is Abraham Lincoln’s clock. The hands only moved twice indicating he only lied twice.”

“Where’s Trump’s clock”

“Oh, we’re using it as a ceiling fan.”

And then I burst out laughing 'cause it’s so true.

The cop that is on a 12 o clock shift says hands up

one day I had the munchies,so I ate a clock it was very… TIME CONSUMING

isn’t eating a clock time consuming

What did the clock say when it got punched at noon? It’s twelve ow clock.

Why did Jack throw his alarm clock out the window?

Because it reminded him of Arnold Clock, the man who was accused of knife-raping his wife

I tried to eat a clock the other day. it was very time consuming

Why did jimmy throw his clock out the window? because he wanted to see time fly.

I don’t have time to write this joke.

What type of clock is both cringe and an app?

Tik Tok.

There was a man he came home with his friends from the bar and man; was he ever wasted. Their friends made sure to get him home safely the next morning he woke up and found blood all over his night stand he called his friends and asked for his alarm clock back.

I would make a clock joke, but I don’t have time.

have you tryed eating a clock…its TIME CONSUMING