If you were a food what would you be?

Friend 1-Pizza cause I’m so cheesy

Friend 2-Chocolate chip cookie cause I have lots of friends

Me-donut cause I’m so empty inside

Life is like a box of chocolates, mostly dissapointing

Three kids one day found a magical slide. There was a sign next to it saying, “what ever you wish for comes true once you slide down”. One kid stepped up and slid down, he wished for a river of chocolate, thus he swam in a chocolate river. The second kid slid down and wished for a mountain of money, he then landed in a pile of money. The third kid went down and said, “Weeeeeeee”!

I heard a joke about chocolate bars and it wasn’t that funny. So I just snickered…

The Mother and her Daughter went to the store. After they arrived, the Daughter looked around and ran off somewhere. The Mother realized this and took off looking for her, after awhile, she found her tugging on a black man, the Mother asked “What are you doing” and the Daughter replied “I wan’t the chocolate”

What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate? – A candy baa.

What is the suns favorite chocolate bar? A Milky Way 😱

What is a spaceman’s favorite chocolate? A marsbar!

Life is like a box of chocolates. It doesn’t last as long for fat people.

The Cheerio Joke

Let’s say you’re in high school, and your popularity level was badlsed on what Cheerio you are. So there’s Extra-Frosty cheerios as the most popular kids, the frosted cheerios were the popular kids, the Regular Cheerios as the typical normal kid, then there’s the honey nut Cheerios as the nerds and geeks, and then there’s your cheerio which is the Chocolate cheerios. Now you want to ask this girl who’s an extra frosty, you go up to her and ask her to Homecoming, but she declines. So after school gets out, you go home and rewind. The next day you wake up feeling like a honey nut cheerio, so you go up to her again and ask her again, she still says no. So you go home and rewind again and wake up the next morning feeling like a Regular cheerio. So you go to school and ask her again, she still declines. So you go home and rewind again. The next morning, you wake up feeling like a frosty cheerio. So you go up to her and ask again, still says no. Then you go home and unwind. The next day you wake up feeling like an extra frosty cheerio. Feeling doubtful, you go up to her one last time and ask her. She finally says yes. The next day is Homecoming, and you and your date are on the dance floor, and she wants punch. So she tells you that she’s going to go get punch. She goes and gets punch and is back in 30 seconds. You ask her why it was so fast. She replies with; “Oh there want a punch line.”

What did Stephen Hawkings get for his BDay, Chocolate arm.

I like My Women Like I Like My Chocolate.


Kids are like a box of chocolates they taste so good and u never know what u are going to get

What’s the difference between people and chocolate? I can still buy dark chocolate

What’s brown and hurts your teeth?

A chocolate?

No. A baseball bat in my hands.

Roses are red, chocolate is brown, I expect nothing and still get let down!

whats the difference between a chocolate cake and a dead baby?

About 5000 calories

If Bruno Mars was to run a pub and sell chocolate bars other than alcoholic drinks then he’ll have to call his pub a Mars Bar

What did the chocolate dentist say to the other chocolate dentist? Did you ‘chip’ a tooth?

You know why teacher punished dairy milk… 🍫🍫?? Answer : because he was choco_‘late’ to school… 🏣