Knott and Shott got into a gunfight. Knott was shot and Shott was not. Therefore it was better to be Shott than Knott. But what if the shot Shott shot didn’t hit Knott but Shott? Then the shot Shott shot shot Shott.

My favorite quote will always be, “Sketchy candy is better than no candy”

  • One of the thousands of missing children

what’s better then throwing dead babe’s? catching them after with a pitch fork

They say masterbation is better with a dead arm

Apparently I ruined that funeral

Why is leather armor better for sneaking than steel armor?

Leather armor is made of hide.

Whats better than swinging a baby around on a rope??? Stopping it with a shovel.

what con you say both at a funeral and during sex???

this whould be much better if you where alive

Looks like I lost an electron, I should keep a better ion them.

Alright kids! Find a good places to stop! Then, out of the blue, Billy died. But hey, he went to a better place.

A guy finds a genie…

He says, “I wish I was better at talking to women.”

“Poof!” the genie says, “You’re gay!”

What’s better than winning gold at the Paralympics?

Not being retarded

What’s better than roses on a piano?

Tulips on an organ.

Teacher: where’s you homework? Student: at home… Teacher: what’s it doing there? Student: having a better time than me.

22 ants were playing football in a saucer. One ant said to another one, “We’ll have to play better tomorrow. We’re playing in the cup!”

I’m better than you in every single way… I even have an extra chromosome.

Using modern day technology you can produce music with a Tesla coil. I dont know if you heard it but it is quite shocking and even electrifying. I cant tell if it is metal or techno but it is more vaulable then joules. It really amps up your blood pressure and has you saying watt the whole time. It is way better than current music.

why did the cow go to space

to get ice cream

What’s better than 10 dead babies nailed to a tree?

One dead baby nailed to ten!

What’s better than a pile of dead babies.

One that’s alive in the middle that has to eat it’s way out.

My mom said the happier a person is when sick the sooner they get better.

So I went to the hospital hooked up everyone’s breathing masks to laughing gas.

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