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A woman gets rid of polish with chemicals and no one bats an eye The Germans got rid of polish with chemicals and everyone lost their mind

What’s brown and rather bad for your dental health? -A baseball bat

What’s brown and hurts your teeth?

A chocolate?

No. A baseball bat in my hands.

When I woman removes polish with chemicals, no one bats and eye, but when hitler removes the Polish with chemicals, suddenly people loose their shit?

What animal is best at hitting a baseball? – A bat.

A bat-mitzvah for sheep is a baaaaaat-mitzvah!!

Why did the bat fall out of the tree? It couldn’t hang in there.

What do you call a cross between a computer and a vampire bat?

Love at first bite <3

2 fe male mouse met and one spoke yesterday I met a mouse he was black and he had wings and he had some cool sharp teeth he said he only at night

other mouse : ummm…thats a bat

that asshole he told me that he is a pilot

a little black boy goes to heaven’ he gets wings and then says look God im an angel’ God says no u stupid your a bat,

Doctor, doctor! I feel like a pair of curtains! Well, pull yourself together, then.

Doctor, doctor! My brother’s crazy! He thinks he’s a chicken. Is he egging around? Yes, but we need to get the eggs.

Woman: Doctor, doctor! I keep thinking I’m an elephant! Doctor: Run around the room. Then the woman stomps around the room and breaks things.

Doctor, doctor! I fell like a bell! Shall I ring you, then? When can you ring me up?

Doctor, doctor! I have a ball stuck in my throat! Shall I bat it and get a run, then?

What do you call vampire Matt Damon? Bat Damon!

Batman vs Superman

why doesn’t bat man need robin as a wing man?

cos he has no problem robin’ your girl

Robin asks Batman what are you getting your parents for Christmas Batman gets mad slaps Robin and runs off crying

now you know why Batman beyond was born when Bruce died cause of death: suicide