Monkey:What ya doing Other monkey:Just you know “Hanging around”

Bad joke right i just can’t think of something amazing it’s like my brain is “Hanging”

Bad handjobs are rare. They’re hard to come by

What has more brains then the Columbine Students? The wall behind them xD

i tried to catch fog but i mist

Why are orphans bad at baseball

They dont know were home is

Why did the baseball player get arrested. He tried to steal third

hands Down, syndromes are bad

Why are orphans bad at baseball? Because they don’t know what a home is.

So my mom has hit me with a flip flop when i was bad and when i cheated on my girl right when the other girl came in a flip flop came flying in the room

How do you punish Stevie wonder for bad behavior? You move all of the furniture around

KSI driving ability

Jack and Jill went up the Jill so Jack could lick Jill’s fanny but Jack had a shock with a mouthful of cock because was actually a tranny

Why are Mexicans so bad in the olympics? Because all the ones that can run, jump, and swim live in America.

Q: Why are orphans bad at baseball? A: they can’t find home



Why was Hellen Keller a bad driver? She was a woman.

Also I have the same Birthday as her so I have the pass.

People who torture others for making bad puns should be severely PUNished

Me: Hey wanna know my spirit animal

Friend: Sure

Me: Road kill, because I can see my mom pretty clearly now

Friend: Wait, aren’t you dead

Me: Aren’t you my son

Friend: So that’s what mom was trying to hide from me

what’s black and red/read all over? a baby skunk with a bad case of diaper rash!


get it because trump is a joke hahaha i am sooo bad