How do you punish Stevie wonder for bad behavior? You move all of the furniture around

KSI driving ability

Jack and Jill went up the Jill so Jack could lick Jill’s fanny but Jack had a shock with a mouthful of cock because was actually a tranny

One day little Jonny and little Susan were in bible class and little susan had been tired that day so she kept falling asleep and the teacher said to little susan who is our lord and savier and little jonny poked her in the but with a push pin and she yelled JESUS CHRIST and the teacher goes thats right go back to be and then the next thing the teacher asked who gave up there son for our sins and little jonny poked her again and she yelled GOD AL MIGHTY and she says thats right go back to bed and the next quisten the teacher asked was what did ADAM SAY TO EVE after there 13th child little jonny poked her in the but again she yelled IF YOU STICK TAHT THING IN ME AGAIN I AM GOING TO BREAK IT IN HALF AND SHUV IT UP YOUR OWN ASS AND SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT

Q: Why are orphans bad at baseball? A: they can’t find home



Why don’t Mexican have an olimpic team because everyone who can run jump and swim are IN The USA

Why was Hellen Keller a bad driver? She was a woman.

Also I have the same Birthday as her so I have the pass.

People who torture others for making bad puns should be severely PUNished

Me: Hey wanna know my spirit animal

Friend: Sure

Me: Road kill, because I can see my mom pretty clearly now

Friend: Wait, aren’t you dead

Me: Aren’t you my son

Friend: So that’s what mom was trying to hide from me

Papyrus:You are so lazy sans! Sans:Call me what you want.I got THICK SKIN! Pap:Another bad joke and I’m finished with him!! Frisk:HAHAHA Pap:we are monsters.The awfulest kind! Sans:to mess with us takes a lot of SPINE!!!

what’s black and red/read all over? a baby skunk with a bad case of diaper rash!

Why did the bike fall over Because it was two tire

Q-Who’s the fastest readers in the world? A-the 911 victims, they when through 20 stories in seconds

What’s brown and rhymes with Snoop?

Dr. Dre

I’m really bad at giving directions. But, don’t take that the wrong way.

Premise 1 : IF God exists , he exists. Premise 2 : If God exists , he exists. Premise 3 : IF God exists , he definitely exists. Conclusion : therefore he exists

I ate some gunpowder once. It was a exploding experience.

Man, I’m so sorry that Steven Hawking is dead he was such a good person. To bad it’s a stair case to Heaven and not a ramp

If you thought other people’s puns are bad well you should sea mine.