Why can’t Asians play baseball? Because they can’t see that ball

Fletcher is not a lesbian. He is also not an Asian. He is also definately not an accident.

Why was the asian late to class

His 1 minute rice took 2 minutes to cook

What did the Asian say to the Asian?


how do Asians name their babies? They throw pots and pans around ‘Ching, Chang, Clang’

What do you call a Asian that steals cars - Tommy toke a motor

why cant two asians make a white baby? Because two wongs dont make a white.

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what do you call asian kid that is bad at math. an orphan

Q: What time does an Asian go to the dentist? A: 2:30

Asian man goes to the eye doctor. Doctor says, “It looks like you have a cataract.” Asian guy says, “No Doc, I drive a Rincoln.”

Q: how do you know when an asian broke into your house?

A: you can´t find your dog.

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The happier they get the less they see

once you go Asian you can solve the equation

How do you know if an Asian has broke into your house? Your dog is gone. ;)

A girl asks her Asian boyfriend if he wants to eat her pussy. He asks her why she is taking off her clothes, instead of cooking her cat.

Q: How do you know an Asian person was in your house? A: Your homework is done, breakfast is made, and your cat is gone.

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