What’s the worst part about breaking up with a Japanese person

You have to drop the bomb twice before they get the message

My boss yelled at me the other day, “You’ve got to be the worst train driver in history. How many trains did you derail last year?”

I said, “Can’t say for sure, it’s so hard to keep track!”

The worst part about church is that you’re constantly switching between sitting, standing and kneeling; I mean, why can’t the priest just pick a position and f**k me already!

What’s worse than a dead baby?- A pile of dead babies- whats worse than that? -The one on the bottom is alive.- And whats worst than that is, the baby has to eat it’s way out

What is the worst motivational thing to say to a depressed person?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Wanna hear something bad? A pile of dead babies. Wanna hear something worse? The one at the bottom is still alive. Wanna hear something worse than that? He has to eat his way out. Wanna hear something that’s the worst? He comes back for seconds.

8008135 is my favorite number. The worst ratio is 6:9. And last but not least, "Why was six afraid of seven?’ Seven eight nine. But why was six with nine? Because when you put them together you get 69. But why was six mad at nine? Because Nine eight six two.

DO Not Touch - the worst thing you can read in Braille

Where is the worst place to lock your keys in your car?

The anti abortion clinic because you have to go back in and ask for a coat hanger

What’s worst then finding 10 babys in 10 dumpsters??

Finding 1 baby in 10 dumpsters

What’s the worst part of Breaking up with a Japanese girl?

You have to drop the bomb twice until she finally gets it.

What is the worst part of milking a cow?

The smell of the dairy air.

What are the three worst words to hear while you are having sex?

Honey, I’m home!

What’s worst than 2 dead babies in a trash bin? 1 baby in 2 trash bins.

I bought the worlds worst thesaurus yesterday. Not only is it terrible, its terrible.

Someone asked me what the worst mistake you could make while bieng at work was and i replied " being a doctor and mixing up the oral and rectal thermometers"

Where did the king hide his armies? In his sleevies.

Worst joke ever.

I knew the human race made mistakes but your the worst i’ve seen so far…

What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.

What do you call a cow with two legs? Lean beef.

Two of the worst jokes ever.

What’s the worst living thing on planet earth? Humans