Q:What do you call brown mixed with yellow. A: someone who just ate beans


Annoying and Dumbest things!

What is the most annoying thing your parents say to you and what is dumbest thing someone can say that annoy you. The most annoying thing your parents can say: Finish your dinner, there are starving kids in Africa! No, you can’t have any dessart untill you finish your dinner. (See how annoying that is!) The dumbest thing someone can say that annoys you: Why is your name crayla? Why is your last name Goldburg? Is it like a gold bird! (That is really annoying if you ask me!) Thanks reading this…bye!



Why do orphans want to get married so bad?To have someone to call “daddy”



What’s the difference between a police man and a bullet? At least when a bullet kills someone it’s actually fired



saturn was so loved someone put a ring on him.



Why Do orphans go to church??

They go there to finally call someone father



What do you call someone with no body and no nose. Nobody knows.



Think of your favorite singer. Now. Go ask someone what is your favorite singer. My favorite singer is Halsey, BTS, . Now think about your least fave mine is oil London😵 this is my home now 1. What rhymes with oil put it in da chat. Bye weird people


foot lettuce

number 15 burger king foot lettuce the last thing you want in your Berger king Berger is someones foot fungus but as it turns out that might be what you get.



What’s the difference between someone who is high on the spectrum low on the spectrum, at least I can write this joke



So i was laying in bed and jt winter do my room is aleays cold cause the heater doesnt work. And i was thinking… It would be warmer if someone else was laying here with me… Then i layghed cause who would wanna be with me. Hahaha



so a guy gets a motorcycle with authentic leather seats and the dealer tells him ‘dude the rain will ruin the seats get it under something if it starts raining and worst case scenario put vaseline all over the seats to make it water proof’. so he goes to his girlfriend house that night for dinner and before he goes inside she says ‘listen this is your first time meeting your parents we have a rule, the first one to speak has to do the dishes’. so he walks inside and sees a mountain of dishes over 3 months because no one has spoken and the stench is awful. during dinner he concocted a plan to get someone to speak so he started doing all of this crazy shit to try and get someone to speak. not a peep eventually he grabs his girlfriend bends her over and starts going to town. still nothing the parents are outraged but not speaking because they don’t want to do the dishes. after about a minute of this he walks away and does the same to her mum and starts going to town. now the dad is pissed and just staring him down with daggers. at that moment it starts to rain his motorcycle is out in the rain and grabs the vaseline out of his pack pocket and the dad goes ‘FINE ILL DO THE DISHES’




Why did the man fall off his bike?

  • because someone through a refrigerator at him



I’m bored, someone wanna chat?



I’m bored and I’m sure someone scrolling through here is too, so wanna chat? pls



Why did Helen Keller walk in on someone in the bathroom? Because she didn’t know it was the bathroom



one day a skeleton wasn’t laughing someone asked him why are you not laughing it turns out he fell and broke his bone, his funny bone that is.


Tanner Pomeranz

Once I went to a museum and over heard someone speaking to an employee for information.

“These are lying clocks, they tell how many lies a person tells.”

“oh cool”

“this is mother Teresa’s clock, the clock hasn’t moved because she never lied.”

“Makes sense”

“This is Abraham Lincoln’s clock. The hands only moved twice indicating he only lied twice.”

“Where’s Trump’s clock”

“Oh, we’re using it as a ceiling fan.”

And then I burst out laughing 'cause it’s so true.


Asian roaster

1.Your face is so ugly i thought it was deformed it probably was anyways 2.even if donald trump had time to build a wall it was probably so you won’t squish us with you fatass. if someone says your face is deformed just say thats what happens when i look at you. welcome


the wicked wiener

a kid is trick - or - treating. he knocks on a door. then someone opens the door and the kid said, “HI I’M THE WICKED WIENER!”!!!🌭😺😸😹😆😅😂🤣😄