Attraction Jokes

What turns a girl on more than having sex with her

When she finds out that you have a vibrator too


If I had a dollar for every girl that found me unattractive, they would eventually find me attractive.

Girl: I’m so in love with you! Boy: me too. I think you’re abcdefghijk: - aesthetic, beautiful, cool, determined, elegant, famous, hot. Girl: whats the ijk? Boy: I’m just kidding

best friend *hold a sign up that says "what gender are you"* Me:uh male?.. best frend *then unfolds paper so it reads "what gender are you attracted to?"* Me: you silly goose *silence for like three sec* Me:still male though-

Did you just come from a bakery? Because you’ve got the hottest pair of buns I’ve seen all week.

Interviewer: what are your strengths? Interviewee: I fall in love easily. Interviewer: and your weaknesses? Interviewee: those beautiful green eyes of yours...