Skinny Jokes

“Yo mama so skinny when she swallowed a meatball everyone thought she was pregnant again.

Why is it that skinny men like fat women? Because they need warmth in winter, and shade in summer.

Holly shit there's so many yo mama jokes Heres mine: Yo mama so skinny she used a cheerio as a hula hoop Yo mama so fat that she made a plane unstable and crashed it into the twin towers Yo mama so old that she has jesus's autograph Yo mama so ugly that not even makeup can save her Yo mama so dumb that she thought rocket league was a competition between kids in wheelchairs

I will make a funny joke if u let me be your boyfriend. Im 19 and i am russian.

Your so skinny that the professor thought you were the skeleton

why are all asians so skinny? Because last time there was a fat man a whole population disappeared