Sadness Jokes



Knock knock? *who's there?* Not sally she doesn’t have and arms Why did sally fall off the swing? She doesn’t have any arms Why did sally drop her ice cream? She got hit by a bus



I made a website that helps orphans sadly, it doesn't have a homepage


Trevor the Clever

Sadly blind jokes are cruel. A kid at my school was punched the other day for being blind

Sadly he didn't see it coming

your freindly fen

Roses are red, my blood is too, And i've been seeing it alot more, since i've lost you



Why was the stair case so sad? Because every one walks on them.


ha! it asked me submit a joke but then i realized im the joke



why was the math book so sad because it was filled with problems



Once a naked women robs a bank but sadly no one can remember her face...


in Darkness

Q: give a man a day of therapy he'll be sad for then and on A:give a man a noose he'll be sad for the rest of his life

Not for u to see:)

Why couldn’t an orphan go to a family restaurant?

Answer Because a orphan doesn’t have a family.



Why were the twin towers sad

Because they ordered pepperoni pizza but All they got was plane


What is the difference between an apple and an orphan?

The apple always gets picked.


It was raining sadly all day my wife my 2 daughters and me stuck in the house when wife’s mom and dad just died

Wife:😭😭😭I wish this never happened

Mia our first daughter: momy it’s ok I love whenever I see you🥰🥰

Abby our second daughter: I love u all only if you guys die I won’t but I love you when ur alive 😉😏

Me husband: what kind of nonsense was that you love us when we’re alive but you don’t love us when we’re dead🤥😥😓

Everyone except abby: abby this is serious mommy’s mother and father died. says Mia: yes your mom is sadly down right now you made her more sad😡🤬.says dad:sniffs* abby I had made a discussion I will take to an orphanage I am sorry 😣 when I amd better and happy and I forgot what you said then we’ll get you back.says mom:

This was not a joke I just did this for Love 💕


in Depression

Q: Why was the depressed kid sad on Christmas? A: They weren't hanging like the ornaments on a tree.

Sad life

What is death hell because there is no brige to heven

Sad life

What do you call a animal in space just death because you need a space suit

Sad life

What do you do when your sad nothing because you are just crying aobut something happening to you



So one day i have a wife but if its getting a longer day she is moving so weird and i see she has sex with rick astley😂 [rickrolled]

Micheal Jackson

A limbless man sat on the side of a lake everyday. He had no hands or no legs. One day he was crying when a woman was walking by and saw that he was upset, so she asked if he was okay. He replied, "No." The woman said, "Well, what's wrong?" The limbless man said, "I've never been hugged by anyone ever." So the woman, out of kindness, hugged the man. "Are you okay now?" she asked. "No," the man replied. So again the woman asked him what was wrong. He answered, "I've never been kissed before." The woman eagerly gave him a peck on the lips and asked, "Are you okay now?" The man shook his head sadly. The woman asked him what was wrong for the third time. The man said, "I've never been fucked." The woman looked at him, picks him up, throws him in the lake, and says, "Now you are!"