Demon Jokes

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What does my head and hell have in common? They both have demons in them

an actual Eel
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what do fat demons hate, exorcise

Addison Banks age (8). "Gina Claw Scare"
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Myrtle Beach has a clear blue sky and sunny, a pleasant air to visit as a family. Don’t you think they are not evil creatures and do you think they have them? “No, there are no gost or evil creatures.” You can say that, but don’t be surprised when Gina Claw Scare comes for you, aka GCS for short. Gina Claw Scare was born in North Carolina in August 1991. She died in 2000. No, that’s not real. WRONG. Gina’s real name was Gina Clawien Scaren. Yes, that’s why her name is Gina Claw Scare. Why did she die? I know right? She died from a curse from her bad companions. We never knew their names. The curse sent her down a dark path, demons and hate comments from people on istagram, facebook and the worst jokes on the site.

Gina Claw Scare loved fire. Which means she was a pyromaniac. She would rise from the grave in which she was buried. Did what? Stop, for real this time! They buried her on a loan in the forest. That caught fire. “HARSH MAN!” I know right? She rises from that grave, she comes for the people who call her by name four times. Then she beat the drums and set your house on fire! A fire so harmful that you can feel hurt, friends. You can hear everyone’s screaming. And then become like her. Never say her name. NEVER

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(demons in my head) i laugh to meet them

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What do you call a reverse exorsism. It’s where a demon pulls a priest out of a child

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What’s the difference between a Demon and a Redhead? The Demon at least has a trade offer.

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yo mamma so ugly that even god said be gone DEMON!

fat gogurt
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yo mama so ugly when she go to church they say its a demon!?

P.... Policeman
in Priest

Do you know what a reverse exorcism is?

It’s when the demon tells the priest to exit the child’s body

in Insanity

When you tell the men in the suits you can see that the demons of your sins are watching you…

But they know your blind.

igloo and you
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How do ghosts cry?

Boo hoo

How do demons cry?



Inmate 1: why u in prison then? Inmate 2: I killed 4 people and robbed someone, watta bout u? Inmate 1: I blew up a school bus Inmate 2:OMG YOU DEMON WERE THEY AUTISTIC? Inmate 1: no they were fortnite kids Inmate 2(who is Muslim): halelouia we have found the messiah