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make sense of what I am saying, This is a LIE- and that’s the TRUTH.

what am I? answer: a Riddle.

Archer riddle has less atoms in his brain then he does in his dick and his dick is a 1/4 of a millimetre

My joke is about archer riddles sex life wait sorry there is none.

Thanks for reading Archer’s love life story.

Riddle: A man killed his wife in his car with a knife in his car and know one could see him. He threw the body out the car and thew the knife off a cliff. When he got home, the cops called the man and told him his wife is dead and to come to the sene of the crime. The man agreed and rushed to the scene. When he got there, the cops amediently arrested him. Why? ANSWER: The cops never said qhere the sene of the crime is.

What goes in hard but comes out soft


riddle: I don’t move, I travel across the world, but I never leave the corner. what am I?

answer: a stamp