A little girl and a little boy are taking a bath together when the little girl looks down and asks, “Whats that?” the little boy says, “That’s my little red race car.” 10 minutes later the boy looks down and asks, “Whats that?” the little girl says, "that’s my little red race car garage.” So later that night the little boy asks the little girl if he can put his little red race car in her little red race car garage, She said yes and then they pull down their pants and the boy tries putting his little red race car in her garage but it won’t fit. Down stairs the mother hears an ear piercing scream and runs up the stairs, flips on the lights and sees blood on the floor, the mother asks "What happened?” the little girl says, “We tried putting his car in my garage and it wouldn’t fit so i cut the back wheels off.”

Race car backwards is race car. Race car sideways is how Paul Walker died

I knew the human race made mistakes but your the worst i’ve seen so far…

What do you call it when tectonic plates start racing? ---- Continental Drift

What did a jockey’s manager say to him before the race? Use the horse!

Two rabbits were racing. Neither could get a-head, so they ended in a hare-tie!

why can’t pedophiles ever win races? Because they are always coming in a little behind.

What do sprinters eat before a race? – Nothing, they fast.

Are you a race car? Cuz I’m tryna fuck

What do inner city schools and database have in common?

Their problems are usually caused by a race condition.

So two cats, one English (named “One Two Three Cat”) and one French (named Un Deux Trois Cat"), are walking through a forest and come across a river. To have a little fun, they decide to have a race across the river. One Two Three Cat swam across, and when he finished the race, he looked behind him. Un Deux Trois Cat was nowhere to be seen. So One Two Three Cat figured that Un Deux Trois Cat sank.

What did the mustard say to the ketchup at the race

Have ya heard about the awesome fruit race? the lettuce was ahead but the tomato was able to ketchup!

My sister beat me in a race. She gave me a raspberry, was bitter

why do pedos like to lose races? because they like to cum on a little behind

The lettuce and tomato where in a race. The lettuce was a head and the tomato was trying to ketchup

Q: Why don’t pedophiiles when races? A: because they like to come in a little behind.

How did Stephen Hawking become a billionaire? He won the F1 Wheelchair race


Why Should I Walk? by Iona Carr

What Lonely Girls Should Do by Seymour Fellowes

Unusual Window Decorations by Rod Curtains

The Long Walk Home by Misty Bus

Race to the Outhouse by Willie Makit and Illustrated by Betty Wont