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Daddy Milkie
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Why did Orphans have to drink there own piss? Because last time they went to the bar they went with there dad and drank some corona then got drunk and started eating someones toenails so his dad went to go get the milk and everybody has to evacuate the bar then the Orphan started walking on his teeth and got listed for the top ten wanted animals in the world so then he felt wanted and went to go home and had nobody to go to so he found the beer bottle he drunk out of and started pissing in it so he wouldnt die and loved it so then someone saw him in the bushes pissing in a beer bottle then drinking so the person who saw him started recording and posted it on youtube and the boy became famous so now he can feel like he was wanted in life after daddy went to go get the milk then the little boy became really rich


just saying this but i hate how many little kids there are on this site and when they post they have the worst posts about "sex" so im just saying how they act immature


Lets make this post have the same likes and dislikes.


Hey guys! I'm back! Sorry I didn't post yesterday! I had swim parctice, and a bunch of hw, but here I am! And here is the quote of the day!

Push yourself, because no one will do it for you.

Love y'all so much!

Rip special

Why'd the chicken cross the road?

That doesn't matter, we need to get the best joker to go back to posting here, he was funny but now people say they are him and ruin his good name, he was the top of the charts for over a year, so screw all these chumps! Bring back THE REAL SPECIAL!!!

also, the chicken dies in the end, ha ha, funny, whatever.

in Loss

The other day I commented a dark humor joke on a post about a guy who lost his best friend. The joke was “I was so drunk last night I threw a mushroom at a midget and said ‘grow mario grow’ He commented “What the hell is wrong with you”and I said “IKR I really gotta work on my alcoholic issues.” He then replied “This is a post about my dead best friend get the fuck off my feed I don’t even know you.” And so I said “Well then get to know me, I could become your new best friend!”

Post your jokes in the comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


im ashamed to admit feeling proud of the rape joke i posted and what went on between me and your mum

London Young
in Watermelon

What is the post man favorite fruit water-mail’in

in Sister

I posted on my Facebook account that you have a picture on Facebook


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P.l.a.n.e Precious lord are nonbelievers evil

Addison Banks age (8)
in Gwen

Pretend me please stop! I don't recall posting anything except commenting and posting something for Jordan C! Please stop!

Addison Banks age (8)
in Gwen

I want to know who this fake me is! I haven't even posted or commented on anything bad or said a curse. I am very kindly asking you to stop.


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in Little Johnny

Little Johnny got told by his friend that if you go to your parents and say : I know the truth they give you money so little Johnny says to his mum I know the truth so his mum hands him 20 dollars and tells him not to tell anyone so when little Johnny’s dad gets home little Johnny says I know the truth his dad hands him $50 and says not to tell anyone so little Johnny try’s it on the post man and says I know the truth and the post man says come here son