Me: Hey, mom? Why do we celebrate birthdays?

Mom: Because that’s the day a new life was born, and people are born every day so every day is a special day.

My thoughts: And my friend wonders why I have depression…

Slavery has existed in the western world for 3 centuries, but in the Arab regions it has existed before and still going on, so why don’t people talk about it? Because it’s only bad when white people do it

An old man saw the TikTok trend of people throwing it back the old man wanted to do it with his wife the man set up everything needed a did the video I threw it back first then his wife bust instead of an old lady it was ashes

Why are blind people gay Cause

My Countryhumans OC, Sahara, is the daughter of France and Soviet. When people ask why, I tell them it was the gendersnapped version of my parents making me. France (my dad) was drunk and Soviet (my mom) was being horny. Then they judge me, so I judge them with a knife to the chest 47 times.

Nobody :

Titanic : sYnCccCc

Iceberg : yAaaYeEee

People : yAaanOooO

Ocean : fUuudD

When you donate a kidney, you are a total hero, everyone loves you

When you donate five kidneys though, people start yelling, the police gets called - sheesh

Tibia honestly I think the reason I’m bonely is because you guys don’t find my jokes humerus … maybe if I played the trombone it would get people’s attention but tibia honest I can’t be bothered so one just look at my BONE-zai tree, although my brother doesn’t really like that one so how about a S-pine tree

Why did people bully the burning circuit?

It was too short.

Why do people have sex. Because they like going ahhhhhhhhhhh fuck me bich I love y

why are gay people gay? Because they are gay.

Orphan’s and homeless people are the same thing.

Orphan’s and homeless people people are the same thing.

Old people all ways get in the way some times don’t they all ways to sloow when they are in front of you and make silly exsgouses dont they it is some times beyond a joke ! Lol

What do you call a group of white people running down a hill?

An avalanche

Depressed people are lame. Because they are just lame no reason

people talking me asking whats the worst day in the year for them. Person 1: The first day of school cause i don’t like going to school

Person 2: Valentines day cause its to lovey

Me: oh nice mines my birthday cause its when i was born

A can of worms popping up and down inside a lot of people and a girl ate the can of worms:It was her Imaginenation

Why do people in wheelchairs get bullied? Because they can never stand up for themselves

Why can’t blind people have a sea food diet?

They have to see the food to eat