When your mad you might as well just punch an orphan. Cause what can they do, tell there parents?

Teachers: Do you give your mother that attitude? Orphan: …

Why don’t orphans do homework? They don’t have a home to do it in.

Why did the orphan cross the road? He thought he saw his mother.

What did the orphan say to his father? Nothing he doesn’t have one.

Where do you think all the orphans went? In the world trade center, I trapped them in so they can finally get to their parents.

Why do orphans go to church?

Cause its the only place were they get to call him father

why can’t orphans go to homecoming, because they don’t have a home to go to.

Do you wanna know why orphans don’t play baseball

They don’t know what home is

Why does an orphan play soccer because it’s the only love they get

I made a website for orphans but it didn’t have a home page

Q: Why don’t Orphans turn up to parents evening?

A: Because they dont have any parents

why are orphans not allowed in stores?because else they would actually feel at home

What do you do when a orphan gets you mad? A stab to the neck and a bullet to the face.

why is daonlyjuanhere an orphan? because he is the only one

If you ever get Mad, just hit an orphan

What are they gonna do, tell their parents?

can orphans eat at a fmaily resturant?

What would a orhan ask for christmas ?

A someone

Why can’t orphans play baseball

Because they don’t have a home base

One little orphan had roast beef the other had none, One little orphan went to market the other stayed home wait a second.