Orphan Jokes

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So i had a friend that was an orphan and he said “hows ur gf” i said “i dont have one” he said “i know just reminding you” i then said “hey hows your parents” i never saw him after that


Why do orphan eat cereal with water

Because dad never came back with the milk


What’s the difference between a nose and an orphan A nose gets picked more

why does an orphan go to church ? so they call someone father and be loved


you can beat up orphans what are they gonna do, tell there parents

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Q: Why did the Orphan get an IPhone X for their birthday?

A: Cause it don’t have a home button

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What did one orphan say to the other? Robin, get in the Batmobile.


Teacher: I used to be an orphan once.

Student: OOFT

Teacher: Who are we missing?

Student: Your parents


Orphan-why can’t I watch a pg movie

Me-they are Parental guidance

According to all known laws of aviatio

What is the difference between a orphan and pikachu? Pikachu I chose you!

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Why did the orphan want to become a prostitute?

To get a daddy


What do you call an orphan who grows up and becomes a priest? Father Les.

Why do Orphans play Sims? because they can make themselves a family


Why cant a orphan go to mcdonalds theres no point in the words happy meal

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What do you call a orphan taking a selfie? a family photo

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why was the orphan single. Because it could not call someone daddy


I saw this little girl crying I asked her where her parents where she cried more man I love working at an orphanage

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what do you call a orphan taking a selfie a family photo


What’s it called if an orphan takes a selfie? A family photo.

mama wait what mama

A orphan’s first word would be orphan keeper