There is a twist with being an orphan, every bag of chip is family sized.

Why did the orphan go to church?

So that they had someone to call father

Why didnt the orphan cross the road? Where was he gonna go?

What do you call a orphan taking a family photo? A selfie.

y do orphans use iphone x’s bc they cant find home

What is an orphans favourite flower? Self raising 😂

why did the kid go in the guys van

answer: he thought he was being adopted

Why can’t orphans play baseball Because They can never find home

What Kind of Hardware store can’t orphans go into

Home Depot

Why cant Orphans play Baseball? Because they can not find Home.

Why do orphans eat cereal with water? cuz there dad never came back with the milk

How do make an orphans hands bleed: tell them to clap til’ their parents get home

Why Did The Orphans Like Church So Much? So They Had Someone To Call Father…

Why are orphans bad at baseball?

They can’t find home

How is an orphan like a boomerang? They always come back!

I tried making an orphan baseball team. It sucked because they couldn’t find home plate

Are all orphans homeaphobic?

Teachers: Do you give your mother that attitude? Orphan: …

Your Parents

How many orphans does it take to “test drive” a bus? It depends on how much space the orphanage has and how much space the cemmetary has.