Offensive Jokes


what do girls and rocks have in comen

the flat ones get skipped


so i got my sister shampoo for her birthday and she stood there and threw her wig on the floor

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your fat

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What’s the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus?

It only takes one nail to hang up the picture.


Sorry I don’t have a joke here… Just wondering how idiots end up herecomplaining about offensive jokes when you ended up here. You had to click that section on purpose, right? If you can’t take it piss the fuck off… If I’d be gay and I’d look up gay jokes and get offended…how stupid is that?

Natasha y

A shop assistant is helping a little boy find his mum “WHATS SHE LIKE” he asked the boy BIG COCKS AND VODKA" said the boy.


Being insest isn’t that bad, I was fingering my sister and I found my dad’s old wedding ring. winner winner!


There was a blind man in wwe and the commentator said WATCH OUT WATCH Oh he can’t see after he was sued for national offense


Why is Michael Jackson and caviar so much in common?

They both come on little white crackers


whats the difference between an orphan and a puppy parents enjoy the presents of a puppy

What do my little brother and a vagina have in common?

They both ooze blood 🩸 when punched


My dad is Aal-Qaeda and he even took a plane trip to new york in 2001.


If I were in a staring contest with you I would be looking at a rainbow

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Why can black people can post offensive jokes about making fun of white people but white people can’t post offensive jokes about making fun of black people because white people have white privilege does it cycle?

Midget p...

What’s the difference between a prostitute and a hockey player? A hockey player gets to shower after three periods.

Anus McDickNuggets

Guys don’t put the Holocaust books in the fiction section it was the worst mistake of my life!


Why did the black lady gave the IRS a mason jar full of watermelon seeds? tax credit.