App Jokes

My friend asked, "What's that on your arm?" I replied, "Oh this, I didn't have enough storage on my phone to download Fruit Ninja so I had to improvise a little bit."

People be like: What happened to fruit ninja? It was on your phone, Me: I upgraded now i can play on my pro max thigh/wrists

Secretly, I’m a woman catfishing gay men on Grindr. When a notification from the app went off, my son told me, “I’ve heard that sound, daddy has that game too!”

Hey guys how was ur day? If you ask me the same question heres the answer, depressing. I still haven't made any friends on this app. All I do is read and comment on old, D.K, freshfry, ALYA's "Jokes" or opinions.

The cashier asked if I wanted to get my extra dollar to the poor i said sure and i got a cash app notification for 1 dollar

Anyone on this app is homeless and has no point in life well I'm on this app 24/7 so do I have no point in life 24/7 or am I just weird and unwanted?

I am deciding to do songs on this app... so ama type songs. If u want a specific song typed I will type just comment!