Offensive Jokes

jimmy savle123

stop hating on pedos at least they drive slow in a school zone smh🤣

Dick pick55

You know if you go to wal-mart, and go to the milk section you might just find your dads


if mistakes make people human than your parents must have been alligators before you were born


yo mama so ugly she went to the bathroom and scared the sh!t out of the toilet


Stephen Hawking said there is no god. God said there is no Stephen Hawking.


What was the pedophile charged with when he was arrested? A minor offense


What do you do when you finish a magazine at a hospital? Reload and keep shooting


Where do you buy a dishwasher. Hot singles in your area


Why were the twin towers mad? They ordered pizza but all that got was plane


Hippity Hoppity women are property. (sans undertale)


whats do computers and white kids have in common? They don’t have trouble shooting

bj and macaroni

oh my fat joke offended you which one of your chins did i hurt

in Minor

What’s the best part about haveing sex with 28 year olds? There are 20 of them

Zoltings theater

What do you call a 5 year old with no friends? A Sandy Hook survivor.

I hate morons

What do you call an anorexic with a yeast infection? Quarter pounder with cheese.

Yuvraj Rana

my friend was on wheelchair……he committed suicide yesterday, I remember when i met him last time he told us a good joke and i appreciated him and i told him to become stand up comedian.

Funny python

My wife is like a mirror

I can never look at it


What do you call a spaceman’s willy?

A Shuttlecock !


Me: I got kicked out of the library the other day Friend: why? Me: because i put the women rights book in the fiction section

King of jokes
in King

😥This is offensive sorry: What did the king say to his royal steed “You gonna start the dishwasher or what”?