come on guys PLEEEEASE lets [play roblod my name is xX_robloxGamer420Po_Xx

well i dont have a joke but…i have a poem my dick is red your pussy is blue i…lied to you

I went into a CS:Go lobby and all I heard for ten minutes straight was," Act like your hard but your dad beat you harder."

Want to hear a joke its called life

son:Hey Dad why is my name Dick? Dad: Ohh because a dick fell on you when you were born. son: Ohhhhh so thats why im gay.

Why were the twin towers angry?

They ordered pepperoni and all they got was place

what did the south tower say to the north tower it said: nothing

9/11 joke

Ur dad is mad

My son always said he wanted to skydive so we went on a plane and mid flight we have to jump out the only issue is we were on a commercial flight to Arizona

A mom and her two children were eating at a place well playing trivia when she ask what does aids stand for? Her son Dallyn has no idea but her daughter Emberlee who has always been a little odd says ‘’ An Intentional Disease’’ her brother mom just Stared!

ok so basically im monky.

baby > commits start breathing Mom> commits abort baby > commits ohshit.exe

what did the phedophile say to the kids.


jasmine is gay, now THAT is a joke

Poopies in my undies

why do i call my dog a vibrator?beacause every time my dog acts like a dildo,i beat him, and when i beat him,he shakes.what do you call a shaking dildo?A vibrator,therefore i call my dog a vibrator.