Little Johnny Jokes

Anonymous Jimmy

Johnny Johnny? Yes papa? Sniffing Cocane? YES SIRRR


Little jonnie said to his mate i bet i can make you swear, his mate said goodluck, so jonnie told his mate that he slept with his sister, his mate yelled im gonna fucking kill you!


Little Johnny walked to his parents room, they were having sex and Little Johnny didn’t know what that was soo, he said “What are y’all doing?” The parents replied “Umm, r-rapping presents!” . Little Johnny said “ok.” and then left. In the morning Little Johnny opened his presents, his parents said “This one is from Santa!” Little Johnny said “No it’s not, y’all said y’all were rapping the presents.” The parents said “Ohh fuck” Little Johnny replied “What mommy and daddy?” They replied “Oh nothing!” “Oh ok.” Little Johnny said. The mom whispered in the dads ears “At least he doesn’t know the truth.” Little Johnny said “What truth.”


The teacher said made the kids guess what a random word was and it was honey. She also gave them a sample of honey to make it a little easier. Teacher said that it was something that you eat and what parents call each other. Little Johnny said, “I know what it is now! Spit them out now guys, their Buttholes!”


Little Johnny was alone because dad didn’t come back


little william punched little johnny in the face. then little johnny says if u do that again im gonna turn your fucking nuts into coconut juice.


Little Johnny walks in on his mom taking a shower and slips and falls under her and he says what’s that mama she says that’s just and old bear he says he’s a mean bear she says why’s that he says he’s got blood in on eye and shit in the other


little johnny woke up at midnight on xmas eve to santa with his pants down on top of his mom he then said ho ho OH YEAH!!!

My Mother still loves me.

Johnny is on his way to school when he comes across a frog, with a sudden inspirational thought he picks the frog up, shoves a fire cracker up the frogs arse, lights the cracker and blows the frog to smithereens. Now at school the teacher asks the class :" Has any body got any thing for show and tell this morning"? Johnny waves his arm in the air and is virtually screaming “Me mis me mis me mis”. “Ok Johnny, What do you have to share with the class today”? Little Johnny then says " Well on my way to school today I shoved a cracker up a frogs arse" the teacher interrupts and says " It’s not arse Johnny, It’s rectum". Johnny then says " Fucking oath it wrecked ; him’.


One day little johnny walks in on his dad getting dressed and asked what is that daddy. Dad"Oh that’s my snake." The next day little johnny walks in on his mom getting dressed and askes what is that mom says"that’s my bushes" the next day Little johnny cant sleeps so he goes into his parents room and asks dad why is your snake going into moms bushes.

dad: Johnny Johnny? Johnny: Yes papa dad:Getting women? Johnny:yes papa dad: Telling lies? Johnny:no papa dad:Well your 100% lying because you get NO WOMEN


one day little johnny saw his grandpa smoking a cigar johnny said can i have puff grandpa said can your dick touch your ass johnny said no then thats your answer later that day johnny saw his grandpa drinking a drink johnny said can i have a sip grandpa said the same thing can your dick touch your ass johnny said no then thats your answer later that night johnny was eating some cookies in the kitchin grandpa said hi son can i have a cookie johnny said can your dick touch your ass grandpa said yes johnny said good go fuck yourself


President Joe Biden was jogging though some different jogging paths around this great county we live in and was jogging though Alabama and fell off into a swamp filled with killer alligators and these 3 boys named Willie, Roman and Little Johnny saw him fall in and jumped in and drug him to safety, and the president was like thank you, thank you, thank you SOOO much, I’m gunna give you boys a reward for saving my life, and asks them what their names were and what they wanted, the first boy said my name’s Willy and i want to go to Disneyland and the president said no problem and I’ll take you personally and the 2nd boy said my name’s Roman and i want a Autographed pair or Air Jorden Nikes and the president said no troubles at all, and the 3rd boy says my name’s Little Johnny, and i want a power wheelchair with a awesome stero and killer wheels, and the present says, you don’t look Handicapped Little Johnny and Little Johnny said, I’m not, but as soon as I tell my parents who i saved, i will be🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Your losing all your friends but never any calories.


one day little Johnny came home with his girlfriend and told his dad “were gonna go to my room and do some homework” and his dad said ok 5 minutes later little Johnny’s dad heard noises coming from his room so he went to go see what it was and all he heard was “baby baby oh baby baby oh” little Johnny’s dad started banging on the door and said “little Johnny what are you doing in there” then little Johnny said “dad were just having sex” then little Johnny’s dad said " oh i thought you were listing to some Justin bibber up in here


this kid yelled jenga when we were watching a 9 11 documentary.


there was this boy he had diarrhea and he kept asking to go to the bathroom but the teacher said no next ting you know he poop his self infront of the class.


so little johnny seen a robbery so he tried to stop the robber to the robbers surprise he was amazed so johnny got 20 shots to the head the end

The pastor sees little Johnny sitting on the church steps. Little Johnny is fixated on something. The pastor looks closer and sees that Johnny is stirring up something in an old coffee can. He says, “What you got there little Johnny?” “This here is turpentine, the most POWERFUL liquid in the world.”, says Johnny. The pastor shakes his head, sits down next to Johnny and says, “Now you know that’s not true son. Holy water is the most powerful liquid in the world. One drop of holy water on a pregnant woman’s stomach and the next morning she’ll pass a baby boy.” Little Johnny says, “Well that may be true. But one drop of this on a cats ass and he’ll pass a motorcycle!”

little johnny got a dog without earsand then they invited their neighbours over. then they asked what was his name. the owners said " we did’nt name him anything because there no reason because when we called his name, he would’nt come."