uraraka ochaco


yo mama so fat, everyday people kept asking: “Are you pregnant?”

I was crying when Sasha died in AOT, i also got jealous.

Do you know what dogs and orphans don’t have in common? Dogs get loved

My bff asked me: “You know why it took Carlos 3 days to move on?” I said: “Why?” My bff says: “Well its because he was already cheating.” I said: “KNEW IT!”

For this orphan, his dad didn’t only go and get the milk. his mom did too.

Little Johnny said he wanted a coffee. SO his mom said he can have one. He got an esspresso not knowing depresso came with it.

Little Johnny went up to his mom and said: “Can i have some milk?” He waited for three hours to get an answer. His mom finally said: “No your dad still isn’t back with it.”

School teacher: “Hey kid. why don’t you just go home to your family?” Orphan: “My family never came back for me” School teacher: “Your daddy must of really needed that milk”

whats the best way to tell your friend you hate them? Option 1: Kill them Option 2: walk away Option 3: kill eachother. Me: why can’t i just kms and leave them the pain?