how did riahna know that chris brown was cheating on her…there was a different color of lip stick on his knuckles

Me: I kiss my mom on the lips Friend: Uh, I guess that’s somewhat nor- Me: Lower lips Friend: I gotta go

What’s goes “Ooooooo.”? A cow with no lips

Why did the clown stop smiling? Someone chopped his lips off.

why did helen keller wear skin tight pants?

so you could read her lips

I have something on my lip and i think I’m taller than you “Who am i”

How did the hipster burn his lips -he drank his coffee before it was cool

Me: Hey you trashy pig woman go in the toilet or lay on the grass where you Belong. Trashy Pig woman: why Because you smell like fart and your pretty much just a Turd with Lips.