Go Jokes

"Go big or go home", that's what some people say.

"Go loud and proud", that's what other people say.

"Go out with a big, loud bang!", that's what I say.


I saw a black man riding a brand new bike, so I went home to go check my garage, it’s all good bc I still saw mine still chained to the floor begging for food

the terrorists said over the inter com we re coming up to our destination so we cant go over it we cant go under we have to go through it

An Orphan walks into a bar and The bartender says "buddy you have to go home" the orphan replies " where is home"

When the teacher dismissed the class to go home

The orphan where do I go

The teacher home

Orphan catch me on the streets then

A man asked another man if he was happy with his marriage, he replied," Yes I'm very happy. We go on date night every week. The other man asked when? She goes on wednesday and I go on thursday