Whats up with airline food?

What do dogs eat? Dog food

Why don’t eagles 🦅 like fast food?

Because they can’t catch it!

So in class they were learning about where food comes from: Teacher- so kids where does bacon come from? Student- PIGS Teacher- correct where does mutton come from? Student- SHEEP teacher- and finally here’s your homework- student- IK where that comes from! A FAT COW! 😂😂

Friend 1. whats your favorite drink or food Friend 2. pizza Friend 3. Donuts Friend 4. i don’t eat food but i do drink bleach Friend 1. (calling the suicide hotline) Friend 2. (Calling the parents)

Why can’t blind people have a sea food diet?

They have to see the food to eat

vegetarian: I prefer plants herbivore: I just like food cannibal: I’m a people person

There are days I feel really bad for my Wife. She has to feed me in the same place I take a dump. She really hates it when I spit my food back out. Stephen Hawking

your mom: your plate is full that’s euongh food on your plate .me: my plate is not full i still see the white of the plate.

Tumblr people: “There are an infinite amount of genders”. The cannibal kid: “Bitch, please. There’s just one gender: Food”.

Jay and Andrew, are best friends whom are almost alike, the difference between them both is Jay is poor and well…Andrew on the other hand is suck-a-dick-poor. Let me explain, Jay wakes-up in his room, walks to the kitchen and asks his mom Lisa (I call her Lisa now btw) if there is anything to eat, “No bitch !” She replies, so Jay drinks a glass of milk and goes back to bed. Now Andrew…wakes-up jumps out of bed and he’s in the kitchen, he sees his mom fixing some for work, after a long hard night of giving her husband blue-balls, “Anything left for me Mother?” Andrew asks “Sorry Honey, I have to eat to put food on the table and to get the running again.” *so she goes to work taking her time * Andrew sits by his bedside and says to himself “Man…I’d suck a dick for some water right now.” his mom storms back after hearing what he had said "I’ll buy you a soda if u do my first customer for me!!! "

Is your middle name fancy feast? Cause your face looks like a can of dog food

A :It’s very delicious! Great! Fantastic! B :Thank you. A : People don’t speak when they eat delicious foods!

A It’s very delicious! Great! Fantastic! B Thank you. A People don’t speak when they eat delicious foods!

Why don’t Bald Eagles like fast food? It always runs away!!!11

What’s a Cannibals Favorite Food?


My son said he burnt food on accident so I told him he was an accident

Your mama is so fat when she went camping the Bears hid their food from her

Why was the depressed man happy in food-tech?

He got to cut himself.

What is you main food Me:pizza cause i’m cheesy Friend: Chocolate chips cause i have a lot of friends Girlfriend: donut cause i have a lot of cream