Guy: My life is like a game, I should end it.

Guy 2: Is it a hard life?

Guy: Yup

Guy 2: Then you can’t kill yourself LOL

Guy 3: Hold on, I know a cheat code to finish the “game”

Once again, RIP Daniel Kyre, he actually died this day five years ago.

He attempted suicide Sep 16, and was in life support, till his parents made the tough decision of taking him off.

We will miss ya bud… (cyndagoooooooo)

I put my heart and soul in my report, then my teacher says: Hey KIDS were going to repeat making current events about our state til we DIE …No wonder when kids leave school they’re soulless RIP Meh Soul

Some bread teacher: What will reddit be in a few years?

Dumb Kid: DEADit?

Bread Teacher: You get and FY for FUCK YOU

Bread Teacher: It will be BREADit

Student: Hah, thats VERY funny! Might as well go to deadit so I can die of laughter.

If Jeffy goes to a orphanage he will die how is he supposed to move

My granddad died in Ausschwitz in ww2… He fell from a tower

Its muffi time, 'cause I wanna die, die , die.

I was at a funeral for some kids in a school shooting. I don’t understand why everyone was so sad, so I asked a lady, what’s so sad and she said “What do you think was running through these kid’s head before they died”. I replied “probably a bullet”, she gasped and said “do you have any idea how insensitive that is, what do you think is running through their parent’s heads”, I said " probably all the money their losing from this funeral".

Once there were three Indians. Two were smart and one was… not so smart. One day, the first smart Indian went out hunting. He came back with a dead deer. The not so smart Indian asks “How’d you do it?” The smart one replies, "I followed the deer tracks, shot the deer, and brought it home." The next day, the next smart Indian goes out. He comes back with a dead bear. The not so smart Indian asks once again “How’d you do it?” The smart one replies, "I followed the bear tracks, shot the bear, and brought it home." Finally, it’s now the not so smart Indian’s turn to go hunt. Multiple hours had passed since he left. The smart Indians go out to search for him. They finally find him, bloodied and on the verge of dying. The smart Indians exclaimed "WHAT HAPPENED!" The not so smart Indian replies, “Well I… I followed the train tracks, an… and shot th- the train… bu- but it kept going…”

Part 1: two men were walking down the way when the third one came Part 2:two men were walking down the way when the third one came Part 3: two men were walking down the way when the third one came Part 4: guess what… two men were walking down the way when the second one fell in the sewers and died… the first one was lonely

It’s been a terrible day today my ex got hit by a bus and died. Not only this but the council cut my bus drivers permit

I want to die in my sleep, like grandpa did, not screaming and crying like the people on the bus he drove.

A boy asked his dad for a some money to buy an ice-cream with. So he went to an icecream van. Whilst he was in the queue 2 boys asked him what flavour he was getting he told them strawberry. The two boys were shocked and beat him up. The icecream man felt bad and gave him his strawberry ice-cream for free. When he got home his dad also asked what flavour he bought the boy said strawberry. His dad then kicked him out of the house. The boy confused walked down the street and was stopped buy the police who were looking for a boy who had been eating strawberry ice-cream. The boy said thats me and the policeman arrested him. A week later in court the boy was on trial. The judge asked, ‘‘can you tell me what were you doing on the fith of may’’(the day he was arrested) the boy said I was eatimg ice-cream. Yhe judge decided he was innocent. On the way out the judge asked him what the flavour was (he had forgotten to ask during the trial). Of course he answered with strawberry the judge horrified realised he had given the wrong verdict and the boy should have been executed. Unfortunately he couldn’t change what had happened so the boy walked out and crossed the road but was hit by a car and died. The moral of the story is look left and right before crossing the road

Do you have dark humor?

Actually never mind, I was going to tell you a joke about babies dying… but I decided to abort.

A suicide bomber’s biggest fear is dying alone

Why did Mr peanut die? His cane snapped.

you know what is the worst mistake every human being made?

answer: living

Why do people always talk about nine eleven??? my dad died that day he was a good pilot.

my friend died by a truck, why can’t I get run over

You really can’t call Starlin bad. Just think about the people that wanted to die

Hate when my phone dies instead of me :))